Hi! My name is Andy and Vinnie is my corkscrew and we are on a mission.

We are going to travel the length and breadth of this beautiful country to find vineyards for you to visit. But not just any vineyards, we are looking for the finest vineyards producing the best and most interesting wines and that is a big task. Italy produces a lot of wine, the estimate for 2019 is 4,660,000,000 litres or 6,213,000,000 bottles, and as I write this Vinnie is looking distinctly worried! However he can stop shivering because we are not going to try them all.

Our mission is to gather information on the pick of the vineyards for our website italydecanted.com which is not up and running yet but will be soon. 

Before I teamed up with Vinnie I was a tour guide and spent eight years exploring the highways and byways from Como to Syracuse and so I know a few places where we can start our research. Vinnie is a bit reticent about his past, he just says he was a bit of a ‘puller’.

We would like you to join us on our journey visiting all these fabulous places and meeting the dedicated Italians making great wines and cooking great food for us to try.